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Boost Your Brain Power
Like any other part of the body, neurons weaken as people age. But you can re-energise your brain power by doing a few simple things.

Foods that Lower Blood Sugar Levels
There are foods that can help to lower blood sugar level. High blood sugar level can be controlled by having right kind of foods. So it’s not only about the drugs but also having a well balanced diet.

Tips for Hair Coloring
Are you interested in coloring your hair? But before you do that you need to know what is good what is bad of hair coloring. Here are secrets and special tips for achieving great hair without damaging your hair’s health.

Common Causes of Hair Loss
If you’ve noticed a few hairs on your pillowcase or caught in the shower drain, don’t despair. In many cases, hair loss is entirely treatable. Here are some common and possible causes of hair loss.

What Drug Experts Won't Touch
Top three drugs you should always avoid. Read and know what are they!

Liver Detox and Foods for a Healthy liver
The liver is a very important organ for our body as it has many functions. It cleanses the toxins out of the blood, stores certain vitamins and minerals and controls fats, amino acids glucose and cholesterol. Liver also combats infections in the body.

Four Easy Ways to Overcome Stress
In this fast paced life we often feel the stress. It is now very common to our society. Although, stress or anxiety is not good for health but sadly we cannot live completely without it.

How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way
Many of us think losing weight is a tricky thing and sometimes losing weight is hard, too. But at the same time, lots of people are unhappy with their weight and the way they look. Overweight and fat appearance certainly reduce your charm.

Tips For Hair Coloring
Are you interested in coloring your hair? But before you do that you need to know what is good what is bad of hair coloring. Here are secrets and special tips for achieving great hair without damaging your hair’s health.

Ways to Purify Blood Naturally
Impure blood affects the body. it creates many health problems – pimples, pigmentation, anaemia, skin diseases, tension, weakness, fatigue. The blood flowing in cells should be pure for a healthy body.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Here’s good news for all you chocoholics! Turns out you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion to indulge in chocolates. You can consume it every day without breaking your diet, as long as you eat the right kind and right amount of chocolate.


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Eggplant belongs to the Solanaceae family of the genus Solanum. It is the same family from which tomatoes and potatoes do also belong. It comes in different colors such as purple, orange, yellow, lavender and green. This vegetable is native to China and India. Now it’s a very important part in the cuisines of many countries and cultures across the world. Eggplant contains many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

The powerhouse of nutrients- green peas belong to the Fabaceae family of the genus Pisum. They are extremely health friendly and beneficial to fight against several dangerous diseases. Green peas are strong source of high quality and some unique phytonutrients. These nutrients prevent and lower the chances of developing any deadly disease including cardiovascular disease.

Green peas are excellent source of many important phytonutrients. Major part of benefits of green peas comes from these unique phytonutrients. Phytonutrients play important roles in the prevention and treatment of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. These phytonutrients are actually very helpful to reduce inflammatory diseases as well. 

Hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils are extremely harmful for the health. Hydrogenated oils are made by the process of hydrogenation, which is a chemical process of forcing hydrogen gas into the oil at high pressure and temperature. Once the oil is converted into hydrogenated oil, it becomes more shelf stable. 

Crimini mushrooms are also known as button mushrooms, they are a power house of nutrition. These mushrooms belong to the family of Agaricaceae and of genus Agaricus. Crimini mushrooms contain number of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are considered as a great food for the heart and also known for their cancer benefits.

Vitamin B6 is a very important vitamin that protects heart from cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular problems. Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in methylation. Methylation is a chemical process in which methyl groups (chemicals) are added to several molecules including proteins and DNA. This chemicals process is required for keeping body in healthy condition.

Carrots are often considered as a great food for eyes and vision. Carrots beta-carotene compound plays an important role in maintaining proper eyesight. So it’s an important part of macular degeneration diet. In the same way, papaya plays an important role in macular degeneration diet. 

Pineapple is one of the most favourite tropical fruits in the world. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family and it is of genus Ananas. This fruit is very good in taste and texture, also contains varieties of important nutrients. Pineapple comes with the colors such as green, brown or yellow. 

We all know yogurt is good for the health. But why is yogurt so good for the health? What are the actual health benefits of yogurt? Let’s find out. Yogurt is a fermented dairy product, unique in texture and taste. It contains many nutrients including probiotics. Probiotics are excellent for the digestive tract. In addition, yogurt contains Very good amounts of calcium, potassium, iodine and phosphorous.

One of the major health benefits of corn comes from its antioxidant properties. It’s a very decent source of two much known antioxidant nutrients- Vitamin C and Manganese. Both of these are responsible for many health benefits especially in the prevention of oxidative stress or oxidative damage to the cells. But interestingly most of the corn’s antioxidant benefits come from the phytonutrients or phytochemicals that it contains.
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Bok choy or Chinese cabbage belongs to the same species of common turnip and a very important vegetable for Chinese cuisine. It has dark green leaves and has mild tangy flavour. It is a very nutritious vegetable and contains very low amount of calories. It has been cultivated in China for centuries and it’s a part traditional Chinese medicine.
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Prunes are available year round, they are sweet and sticky in taste and highly nutritious. Prunes are actually dried European plums or Prunus domestic, commonly known as the Constipation fruit for its constipation relieving properties. They are also called dried plums.

Although, stress is a part of our normal life but it can lead to serious problem. You feel the stress because of the changing environment around you or something that you do yourself or for uncertainty, fear or work pressure etc. When your body reacts to these changes and tries to adjust to the situation- it can cause stress.

Spring onions are also called Green onions, are actually immature onion bulbs-they are low in calories and high in Vitamin C. Spring onions are very tasty, mostly used in salads and also some of the Asian dishes. Members of the allium family – spring onions are high in sulphur.

Olives are available throughout the year and a very popular and healthy food. It can’t be eaten right off of the tree as they are bitter in taste. So, they go through some processing to reduce the bitterness. Unripe olives are green and fully ripen olive are black in color. Olives are native of the eastern Mediterranean region and cultivated since ages. They are very popular across the world and the most popular use of olives is olive oil.

Celery – is a type of plant that belongs to Apiaceae family. It is crunchy in texture and astringent in flavour, a popular addition to salads and fairly popular in the western world. Celery is well known for its medicinal properties and it contains some of the very nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy. There are two types of carbs available- simple and complex. Complex carbs take longer time to digest and can be found in vegetables, brown rice, legumes, whole grain breads etc. simple carbs are available in high sugar foods such as glucose, sucrose and lactose. Simple carbs are high on the glycemic index and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the world. Moderate drinking of alcohol is not harmful for most adults. But excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to many problems. Alcohol slows down the brain’s function and helps to relax. Normally moderate drinking is defined as two alcoholic drinks per day for men and one alcoholic drink per day for women.
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Ginger belongs to the plant family of Zingiberaceae and it is of the genus of Zingiber. The English name of ginger is derived from French – gingembre. This is a very aromatic, spicy and pungent herb, popular all over the world. Ginger or ginger root is used in variety of foods, drinks and traditional medicines as well. Because of its healing power, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for hundreds of years. 

Many people get confused about whether fruit juice is good or bad for health. Some people think it is great for the health and others feel it is not so harmless. The fact is, fruit juice is normally good for the health. If it is a hundred percent pure fruit juice then it’s a great way to get lots of nutrients which are essential for our health. Fruit juices are packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals - all these compounds are necessary for preventing and fighting disease.

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